Morimoto Laboratory was established in 2014 in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Creative Science and Engineering/Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University, as the successor to Professor Mitsuyuki Asano’s laboratory,
The laboratory was established in 2014 as “Transportation Planning Laboratory”, succeeding Professor Mitsuyuki Asano’s laboratory.
In 2019, the name was changed to “Transportation Engineering and Urban Planning Laboratory”.
It has a new history and is expected to conduct a wide range of research in the field of transportation and urban planning in the future.


Our laboratory primarily conducts research on transportation and land use in regional cities.

Specific research is primarily focused on the following.

  • Promoting public transportation.
  • Compact Cities
  • TOD(Transit Oriented Development)strategies.
  • Transport Assessment.
  • Traffic Safety and Traffic Psychology.
  • Population Estimates and Urban Shrinkage.

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Laboratory Activities

Activities include a thesis seminar in which all laboratory members participate to review the content of their research and the progress of their thesis, a thesis presentation meeting held jointly by laboratories in the planning field within the university, a statistics seminar in which members study statistical analysis methods, and an analysis seminar in which members learn how to use specialized software. Through these activities, our laboratory is a place where students can enjoy conducting research while developing their individual abilities.

Life in the Laboratory

Currently under preparation.